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The new sailing app for the iPad:  CS Mobile HD available on iTunes!

New features and improvements compared to the iPhone-
version! Guaranteed race and sail fun for only 4,99 $.
Cool look and impressive performance. Get it now:
CleverSailing Mobile HD for your ipad on iTunes.

Car racing is history – discover a new world with CleverSailing!

This is the ultimate game for iphone. Play, have fun and learn something new all at the same time! Even professionals appreciate it! Get the app of the year now! More ...

Version 1.22 – better performance now! Just available at iTunes.

Enjoy the latest version of this superfast sailing app
for 2,99 $ now! Got it already? Just update free of charge!
Now with iPhone 6(s)/6(s)+ support.  

This way to find out the youngest improvements.


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